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Guys who rush into relationships

Like your career, your motivationor my grandpa after Thanksgiving dinner. But other things require time and their own uncorrupted environment to grow and form and work their magic.

So, I dated a guy for 3 months and everything seemed perfect.

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Started by chocoholicdaydream 59 minutes ago Replies: How can they just jerk a woman around like that..??

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Enjoy the process of getting to know him and don't let your desperation for romance cloud your judgment.

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Basically, a guy who comes on too strongly really makes me fear that he just wants something from me. Started by Evanoelle 33 minutes ago Replies:

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Should I text to confirm? This week we have not been texting or talking at all, except that we did have a scheduled coaching call.

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Final advice is to be cautious and set your limits. I pressed the relationshp issue with her, which at 4 months you'd think is acceptable, and she started withdrawing and bailed.

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News Alley.

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He asked me before am I still doubt him, I said no. Jane's words are very important.

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How to hate someone!?!

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I was so happy and wish all these are a good things I am afraid of thinking whether these will be just a dream after all.

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The Front Porch! By Sarah Burke.

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Although he never used the L word, he acted like he was into me.

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It was great with her for the first 3 months; our times together were always great and the physical parts were fantastic but again, always initiated by me.

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If I'm dating you and having sex with you, I really want you in my life and am not just looking at you as a "for the moment" thing until I get bored or see a new shiny object.

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You guys completely missed the whole point of my question.

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He also made a point of saying he was wanting to spend time alone--that he wasn't dumping me to go off dating..

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This is an important decision that involves your heart.

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After we both returned from separate trips, she waited 2 days to tell me over the phone she couldn't give me what I was looking for and that she was sorry.

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But it did happen fast. I guess because of my smart ass mouth.

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Our mission is to reach, rescue and restore those who are broken and hopeless.

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It was hard to be truly happy for her when she hadn't even known him long to have done this.

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After I get home he still texting me saying he was enjoying the movie and spending time with me.

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Most Popular Stories 1.

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From a guy’s perspective: should you be rushing your relationship?

Thread starter incogneato Start date Feb 18, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Jan 10, MessagesReactions 1,, Alleybux 1, He is very sweet, kind, loving, and honest. He dotes and caters to my every want and need, he has given me a gift and if I even eye something he will get it for me.

He told me he loved me, very quickly and I'm flattered and although things feel great I'm not trying to ruin a good thing though because really nothing is wrong right now, or no red flags or warning bells going off. I'm enjoying his attention, and am finding myself becoming more and more smitten with him as well.

Why would a man rush into a relationship/commitment?

I'm wondering if I might just have ran into the kind of man I've prayed about and now that I've found him, it scares me or makes me nervous, or I'm over analyzing trying to see if there's a motive. I'm so used to men having motives or being shiesty, hope I'm not being too jaded on seeing a good thing.

Should I be worried, or anyone else experience falling in love fast and still a positive outcome? ed Jul 8, Messages 18, Reactions2, 1, Alleybux 87, When a dude is too clingy and needy up front I consider those red flags. What happens when all of a sudden reality hits him and he's like "Damn what the hell was I thinking" and break it off in a year? Plus some guys will sell themselves just to get in your panty's. I always think there is a motive behind a guy who goes crazy over a female talking about marriage and what not within the first week of meeting them.

Have you ever seen Harlem Night's when Sunshine had that dude sprung but set his ass up in the end lol.

True stories of men who move too fast in relationships

ed Oct 3, Messages 22, Reactions 40, Alleybux 46, He isn't seeing you as a person but a thing. ed Feb 8, Messages 29, Reactions 90, 3, 4, Alleybux He moves too fast, which also means he crashes and burns fast also. Betta watch out. JuJu Dupree. ed Feb 12, Messages 9, Reactions 5, 90 Alleybux 10, Well, he is rather pushing things pretty fast between the two of you. I strongly suggest that you take your time with this because it seems like it is the whirlwind effect in which the objective could be to keep the dust in your eyes so that you can't see anything clearly.

Subtle ways men try to rush you into a relationship

Sure, everything is fine right now but slow it down. I say that to say this: I had a friend who experienced the same thing. Jumped in blindfolded only to catch AIDS from her husband whom she only knew for several weeks. His logic was to not die alone. I'm not saying that your guy has an agenda but for the sake of assessment of where he may be actually coming from, slow it down and take your time.

ed Feb 9, Messages 3, Reactions 7 26 Alleybux 67, Click to expand ed Oct 29, Messages 19, Reactions1, Alleybux 77, JuJu Dupree said:.

Getting into a relationship too fast – disadvantages

In Georgia, yes they do at least now. From what she told me, they got married, they didn't get a blood test, just straight to the courthouse on Fulton. I'm telling you, this guy was a whirlwind doing the same thing described in the post and it didn't take him long to convince her to make the ultimate commitment.

It was hard to be truly happy for her when she hadn't even known him long to have done this. Prosecutor said:. Did she catch it before or after they got married? In my state it is required that you get blood test. ed Feb 8, Messages 9, Reactions 71, Alleybux 73, You met each other two weeks ago and he told you he loves you? He doesn't know you.

You guys haven't been through anything yet. He's pressing that fast forward button.

That's a red flag to me. That's too much. You said you're enjoying his attention This type of situation would make me uncomfortable and make me pull away eventually. If you think this guy really could be special, tell him to slow down.

7 things that happen when you try to rush a relationship

All that is too much too soon. Don't they require you to get a blood test before you get married? Or was this just a relationship, not a marriage? You'll weed out the crazies Sassy Joy. ed Oct 20, Messages 2, Reactions 1, Alleybux 83, If I were you I would tell him things are moving a little too fast. You two are still trying to learn each other.

If things are becoming too much, you better say something. ed Jul 8, Messages 45, Reactions9, 10, AlleybuxHe will crash and burn if you hold out on sex But a stable black man with no kids under 40 ain't doing that shit. A man with kids, ex wives, mental problems, drug or drunks will rush you and wait.

He knows the odds of you doing better before he does are slim. Check it.

ed Jul 19, Messages 3, Reactions 8, 63 10 AlleybuxI hope you did a background check on him. Like two years ago i was with someone like that, but he always would argue with me about why i didn't love him, why i wouldn't move in with him, he felt like my famiy was trying to control me etc. ed Jul 17, Messages Reactions 40 1 Alleybux 79, Trust your instincts girl.

My current BF told me he loved me after knowing me for over a year, but only dating for a few months. I eventually convinced him love is something that is built up over time and through shared experiences. I would confront the guy and ask him "Why do you love me? Also, if you are not comfortable going at the pace he's moving, talk to him about it and tell him. If he really "loves" you, he would respect your comfort level and slow down a bit.

ed Mar 24, Messages 4, Reactions 16, 67 5 Alleybux 42, He's trying to lock you down quick before you discover his flaws. Dont fall for it! Met a dude at a party once who asked me to be his gf before the end of the night.

I thought he was joking so I said yes. The next day I discover he was serious! I say I was just joking, let's get to know each other He said I could do no wrong in his eyes.