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Charlotte and gary 2014 dating

Original cast member of the British reality series Geordie Shore. He became a cast member on the reality series Ex on the Beach in season 2.

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The two have been love rivals ever since they both dated Gary 'Gaz' Beadle. They share the same birthday weird and have shared the same man but that's about the only thing Charlotte Crosby and Lillie Lexie Gregg have in common. After Lillie reignited their feud earlier this week by slamming Charlotte for speaking publicly about her ectopic pregnancy, we take a look back at where their rivalry began. It all started when Gaz, who dated Geordie Shore co-star Charlotte on and off for five years, started dating Lillie in They lasted just over a year and while the break-up seemed amicableit wasn't long before Gaz was back in the arms of Charlotte.

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Charlotte and Gaz's relationship became a central part of the pair's time on Geordie Shore. Sparks flying pretty much from the start of the show inthe couple could never quite get things off the ground and would frequently duck in and out of their romance in between dating other people.

Charlotte crosby: ‘gaz beadle two-timed his girlfriend with me’

However, despite them trying hard to keep their relationship afloat, his 'parsnip' overruled his head in when he slept with Jemma Lucy and had a threesome during shooting Ex on the Beach. The betrayal was made worse after Charlotte suffered an ectopic pregnancy while he was away, and lost the baby.

In order to cut ties with him completely, she made the decision to leave Geordie Shore for good, and said goodbye to him and their romance forever. Astonishingly, tattoo addict Jemma slept with Gaz on the very first night on the show. After discovering Charlotte's heartache admitted she had "no regrets" over the tryst.

Charlotte and gary dating again

She praised Gaz's sex skills and called him "fit" in an interview following their encounter, and brushed off trolls who targeted her for splitting Gaz and Charlotte up. Getting together in AugustEmma and Gaz's relationship did not get off to the best start.

Despite saying just a few months into the relationship that he wanted to marry the pretty brunette, the pair split in May after he reportedly dumped her by TEXT. Branding him a "selfish narcissist" on Twitter, she claimed he had repeatedly cheated on her and wrote: "A leopard never changes its spots and Gary will always be a selfish narcissist who cares about no one but his one night stands and himself.

Charlotte crosby's boyfriends: gaz beadle, joshua ritchie, & steven bear

However, by June they were back together and trying to work things out. In August, they announced they were expecting their first child together with a series of Instagram posts. Gaz dated the Wrexham born model inand were seen jetsetting around the world together as their romance continued to grow.

However, when she decided to move to Australia, Gaz stayed in the Tyne and the pair went their separate ways. According to Charlotte, it was "just a bump and grind" kind of relationship and was never anything serious.

Inthe pair ended up back in bed together alongside Olivia Walsh during a steamy session in the Ex on the Beach penthouse. Olivia took an immediate liking to Gaz and wanted to see for herself whether or not him and his 'parsnip' lived up to their reputations. Unfortunately for her, while she did manage to bed him more than once, it was clear that that was all she was likely to get from him - especially when his exes started arriving.

Lillie and Gaz were together for 18 months - which for Gaz was pretty good going all things considered. Despite their sexual chemistry, the pair didn't hook up again during their time on the show, but remained pals. They first met on the second series of Ex on the Beach, and despite not sleeping together there, later hooked up before an awkward reunion on Ex on the Beach 5.

Gaz confessed to Lillie that Mel was another one of the people he cheated on her with - just as she washed up on the Ex on the Beach shore. After getting together in the house in series two, Gaz looked ready to change his womanising ways and settle down with model Anita. Despite never appearing that interested in pursuing a relationship together, Marnie and Gaz are two of Geordie Shore's top shaggers - so it was only a matter of time before they shared a bed.

Geordie shore season 8: charlotte’s back – but what’s she going to make of new couple marnie and gaz?

At the time, Scotty T was interested in pursuing something more with Marnie, and he was left livid when he saw the pair head off together. After their night of passion in the shag pad, the pair also slept with each other away from the house, but never went in for a romance - and soon after Marnie and Aaron got together. After getting cosy together with Towie star Jasmin in Ibiza inGaz later admitted that the pair had a short-lived romance.

She's a good laugh, we had a good time. We had good banter and were cracking on.

Who is gaz beadle dating now?

She said: "It makes me, not angry, but I do wonder why girls can't be the same, why can't girls be players? At the end of the day, everyone is having fun. in.

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