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Crossdresser seeks a female friend Alameda

Our therapists can be flexible to meet your needs in this time and are here to help you.

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Actors of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identifications are strongly encouraged to audition.

Accent required: General Southern, Texas twang. Through a series of flashbacks, the members reveal secrets dating back to the mids, when the arrival of a stunning-but-familiar stranger sets off a series of confrontations that shatter their illusions and exposes long held secrets and bitter disappointments.

It uses the cult of celebrity James Dean to mask the shame of abuse, sexism, bullying, breast cancer and gender identification. While the play is set insadly, it takes this heart breaking, yet very comedic story, to shine a light on how little we have changed as a society.

The time frame of the play is with flashbacks to The part of Joanne, a Trans Woman, was played by a non Transgender actress.

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This is not the way I want to present this show. Auditions are by appt.

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Cold reading from script. Monologues are not required but will be heard if desired. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities.

She holds on to the past. Mona has remained in this small town and changed very little in 20 years, she dresses simply and makes little effort to enhance her appearance. She is insecure, quirky and lives in a world entirely created in her own mind. Plays late teens. She is a High School student, full of hope. Obsessed with James Dean. She wants to try to make things better for herself. Must look like the actress playing Mona. Ethnicity: Must be the same as Mona.

Flashy dresser with lots of cheap jewelry and make-up. She is brassy, life has always revolved around her, she uses her charm and sexuality to get what she wants. She is a free spirit, hiding a deep secret.

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Free spirited High School student. Proud of her body, which she uses for popularity. Must look like the actress playing Sissy. Ethnicity: Must be the same as Sissy. Ethnicity: Must be the same as Joanne. Joanne is a surprise visitor at the reunion, she is sophisticated, well dressed and arrives in a sports car.

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She has come back to put some memories to rest, expose some truths and is the catalyst for everyone to take a fresh look at themselves. Ethnicity: Must be the same as Joe. Accent preferred: Nondescript. Stella May — Identified as Female.

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She is loud, boisterous and can be obnoxious. The sad clown, she uses her over-the-top humor and money to hide her real self. Quiet, quirky and insecure, works as a beautician, Edna lives with her husband and children, le a simple life, and dresses simply. Her whole life she has wanted to be a part of the gang. She is the awkward outsider who has 6 kids and is very pregnant with her 7th. Accent preferred: General Southern, Texas twang. A righteous, bossy, preachy and judgmental, God-fearing Christian.

Identified as Female.

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Mona THEN. Identified as Male. Identified as a Trans Woman.

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