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How do you be humble

Our culture places so much value on external accomplishments, appearance, and self-aggrandizement—all things that are ephemeral at best—that even a small display of this quiet virtue can make one feel like a drowning man coming up for air.

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As virtues go, humility is pretty unpopular. But many positive psychologists feel that humility is due for an image makeover. Part of the reason humility has been so overlooked as valuable and honorable is practicality. If researchers ask someone to assess her own humility and the self-rating is five out of five stars, how humble can she really be? But humility could effect just as powerful a positive change in your life as the other pillars of well-being.

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Then helps you do it on purpose.

Read full profile. This is why many people are confused about how to be truly humble. We know from every awards speech or leadership book that humility is a desirable quality in every leader. But how do you accomplish that without putting yourself down? What does being humble even mean? How we can be confident, empowered, and humble all at the same time? Read on to learn how to be humble without putting yourself down.

Every general, president, CEO, and artist in the history of the world is made up of the same stuff as each of us. They have the same human struggles. This is something Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was acutely aware of. In Meditationshis printed journal, Aurelius declares: Advertising. Truth be told, we may feel really called to do all of those things. Humility is about radical acceptance. Low self-esteem is inaccurately viewing ourselves as less valuable and ignoring our value and contributions.

Cockiness is inaccurately viewing ourselves as more valuable and inflating our achievements to pretend we have more value than other humans. Both low self-esteem and cockiness are refusing to see or accept all of ourselves—whether it be our strengths or our fallibilities and need for support. But humility is knowing that, right now, we have all of the value we will ever have. Everything we ever create or achieve is done in collaboration with the seen and unseen support all around us. From the ro we drive on to our personal mentors and cheerleaders or to our ability to stream the internet through our homes, no human being is accomplishing anything alone.

It makes us have low self-esteem and an inaccurate view of ourselves as less than others. True confidence creates humility because our self-worth has been internalized. Therefore, we feel the need to puff out our chests and overemphasize our accomplishments. In fact, research shows that individuals who you overly proud and hubristic tend to carry a lot of shame.

That means that hubristic self-worth is always conditional. If anything goes wrong—like losing a job or relationship—the external source of worth is gone, and the shame returns. Be humble and honest. Humility is simply about accurately accessing ourselves and internalizing our sense of self-worth. And yet, at the same time, no one has ever existed exactly like you with your exact strengths, talents, abilities, sensitivities, fears, and insecurities. You contribute something unique to the world and the people around you that no one else ever could.

Holding that paradox of equal value to every other person and complete uniqueness is where humility exists. It is vulnerably looking at your strengths and fallibilities and being honest with yourself. Being humble means the whole breadth of the human experience.

It means being confident and How alongside insecure and uncertain. And that is humility—that is knowing how to be humble without putting ourselves down. Featured photo credit: Ben Hershey via unsplash. If you are like most people, you probably have big goals and dreams that you would like to succeed in — you want to be the top in your career, live a healthy lifestyle, or flourish in your relationships. You determine your future in the way you spend your everyday moments.

If you want to be a successful person, you must consistently develop good daily habits.

How humility will make you the greatest person ever

As Aristotle pointed out:. Building positive daily habits is a huge challenge, but can you imagine the amazing things you could accomplish with just a little commitment and determination?

Creating lasting, healthy habits is the real key difference between people who are successful in life and those who are unsuccessful. You might be wondering which specific habits make the biggest difference. Change is a constant for all of humanity, and it is important that you develop a positive relationship with it. When unexpected or unwelcome changes arise, ask yourself how you can embrace it instead of running away. A few practical ways to reverse a change-fearing mindset include:.

All you have to do is notice the good things around you and practice being thankful. Mindfulness and gratitude are not just buzz words — choosing a positive attitude can honestly change your life. Many studies have found that thankfulness le to greater happiness.

Furthermore, research indicates that gratitude may even have a lasting positive impact on the brain and overall mental health. As a human being, you have likely been offended or hurt by others plenty of times. Let it go. Note that forgiving someone does not equate to giving up your boundaries which are very important or even admitting that the offending party is right. You should choose to let go for your own peace of mind. Some kinds of criticism, such as constructive criticism, are good for personal and professional development.

This is the kind of criticism in play when you are unfairly harsh to yourself or others. Take mental notes or keep a progress journal. If you have a solid sense of what you have achieved, you will be less tempted to be hard on yourself. If you have useful information or generate brilliant ideas on the regular, your first instinct may be to keep it all to yourself for personal gain and solo recognition.

Instead of hoarding bright ideas, share them with your team. Your talents will be on display for the team, and the team will be able to support you and make your ideas a reality. Humility is key. The ability to listen to other people, really listen and understand, is essential to success in both work and relationships — and to listen you have to be humble.

How to be humble without putting yourself down

Everyone has experienced the frustration of being in a one-sided conversation. When someone approaches you with a question or concern, put your own world aside for just a moment and give them the kindness of your full attention. The next time your heart is racing and you want to walk away, consider embracing the risk.

You never know what might happen if you take a chance. Embracing risks looks like accepting the speaking engagement even though it seems a little scary.

Success takes the courageous route, not the easy route. Instead of binge-watching a show tonight, save an hour before bed to read a book and expand your mind. Avoid this pitfall by exposing yourself to new thoughts and ideas every day. The next time you run into a problem or even an emergency, try to work through your initial panic reaction with a few deep breaths.

2. confront your prejudices.

Instead of acting rashly, think through your next actions as quickly but as logically as you can. Successful people are able to fail honestly and gracefully. Some of the most successful people in the world have failed too many times to count. You can check out this article for more tips on how to fail well: Advertising. Follow your passion and stay committed to pursuing it.

Work hard and stick to your habits every day. A lot of people miss out on useful relationships and information sharing because they think they can do it all alone. The things you are passionate about today need a backbone. Give your passionate ideas sustainability by writing down goals and staying on task instead of succumbing to distraction. Unsuccessful people live in a world driven by competition, but successful people know that building people up is far more rewarding than bringing them down.

Care for the people around you. Encourage them toward their successes.

What is humility?

Hoping that others fail will not help you at all. The last thing that differentiates successful people from unsuccessful people is one of the most important:. Know who you are and pursue your dreams wholeheartedly. Above all, stay confident. Truly believe that you can be and are successful. Strive to prove it in your day-to-day habits and activities! What are you waiting for?