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I need a partner for my hobby

January marks National Hobby Month so we discuss why it's beneficial to have a hobby that doesn't involve your partner. It takes the pressure off you- It allows your partner to interact with other people who are just as passionate about their hobby as they are- when you might not share the same enthusiasm. If they have someone they can talk to and who understands their hobby to the same degree as them- they might not bombard you with jargon that you don't understand- they are more likely to give you an overview of their time spent away.

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I recently received a piece of relationship advice from a woman who has been married to her husband for over 20 years. She was distant when she told me this, almost as if she was no longer talking to me but lost in her own thoughts. I didn't think much about this advice at the time, but I'm slowly starting to realize she was right. He watches football and drinks beer; you have wine nights with the girls. He plays pool on Thursday nights; you go for runs on Friday mornings.

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Once you have been in a relationship for a long time, you should try to find new hobbies to keep your relationship exciting, and to keep your connection with each other strong! Going to the same place for dinner every Friday night gets boring, and it's time to try something new and exciting!

2. go rock climbing

Every type of couple can find new hobbies - dating couples, married couples or even senior couples! F yeah we'll cook you shit. The beginning stage of any relationship can be exciting and thrilling. You begin your relationship in the honeymoon stage, and it feels amazing. Once this stage ends, it is sort of like reality has hit.

Strengthen your relationship with hobbies

You do not feel as much of a thrill, and you feel like the relationship is getting boring. It is important to make sure to create a life together that is exciting, and represents change and growth. Growing your interests and hobbies together can not only allow you to grow as a person, but it will allow your relationship to grow and flourish. It will allow you to learn more about the other person, more about yourself, and you will be able to find hobbies that you both enjoy. This will not only allow you to understand the other person, but you will also be able to see if this person seems fun, and seems like someone you might want to be married to in the future.

A post shared by ravennicolegates ravennicolegates on Nov 24, at pm PST. This can be an exciting opportunity to connect as a couple and make new memories no matter how goofy you look! This is another great outdoor hobby to do as a couple. You can bond over the animals you see in the ocean, and you are able to create some fun memories that you can look back on.

Bowling is a fun hobby where you can bring your friendly competitive spirit out! You can even make it a fun game to see who can win - and the loser owes the winner a drink or dessert! Gardening is a fun hobby to create something together outdoors!

You can plant anything you enjoy, and watch your creation flourish. Hiking is a great hobby to try! It is a great way to explore the outdoors, and it can be a challenge! This can be a activity where you can encourage each other through the challenge. Camping is a fun hobby to do together. You will learn new things about each other because you will be living in a new environment for a few days!

It will allow alone time, and you both will get to enjoy a weekend away from reality.

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Tennis is a great hobby you can try. It's a fun and competitive way to learn a new sport and compete in a friendly competition! This is a great hobby that you can share to get outdoors, exercise, and have fun! This can even be romantic if you choose!

A thrilling and relaxing excursion to get out of your home and environment. A memory you will remember forever. This is a fun activity to do during the winter months.

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You can make it a fun day trip to the mountains with each other. A fun way to explore the ocean. You can even try this at a nearby lake if you do not live near the ocean! A great way to explore and connect with nature and each other - whether it's a trail or on the beach.

Cooking is always a fun hobby to try together. You can research recipes you both like and haven't tried! It will be a fun way to create a meal you both love. Stay indoors and read the same novel and then discuss it!

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This way you can keep each other able and find a new topic to talk about. My little angel and I. Pinterest some fun arts and crafts to do, and do them together! Maybe make a scrapbook or customize some mason jars. Search on YouTube videos on how to write calligraphy and learn as a couple! You will become more creative. Find a movie you have never seen on Netflix or Hulu and watch it together at home.

Young couples, senior couples, and couples who are just looking for more fun can do this! Card games are always fun! You can play anything from Nertz to Go Fish! This is a simple bonding activity you can do together. This is a fun indoor hobby.

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Play some karaoke at home on a night in! You can pick each other's songs and have a good laugh. Yelp a random restaurant nearby that has good reviews and just go! This will get you both out of your comfort zone and you will try new things! Any type of couple can do this hobby! Young couples, married couples, or even senior couples.

Find your favorite spot and watch the sunset. Ice skating is always a fun and goofy hobby to do with one another!

Why it's important to find new hobbies together

Odds are you aren't a professional skater! This can be a fun and romantic hobby where you can spend time together. A museum is a fun way to see the history of your town!

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You can even try going to a museum in a nearby city. Whether this is in your backyard or at the beach, it's a great way for you to spend time with your partner. You can roast marshmallows and make s'mores.

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This is a fun hobby to do. You will get to share the thrill of the rollercoasters with your partner! You could even get season passes and make it a hobby you do together every week or month. Take your partner to your local fair and ride the Ferris wheel. This is a great way to bond while playing games and creating new memories. This is a great hobby where you can bond over a sport, or even over the amazing food you will get. Google or Facebook local events that you might be interested in, and just show up.

It will be an unknown adventure, and you will experience it together. This is a romantic way to spend time together. You can also get crafty in the type of food you bring along! This can be a fun weekend trip for the two of you. You will get to explore a nearby city and see each other in a new environment. This hobby is offered at most places and it is an intimate, and romantic activity to do together.

This can bring your relationship to a new level. A fun way to explore a new city or state. You will also get to really spend really great quality time together as you are road tripping to your destination.

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A fun way to get outside and leave the indoors. This is a fun game to play with your ificant other on a Saturday night.

Volunteering is a great way to spend time together. You will see a new compassionate side of one another. A simple and lovely way to spend time with one another on a Saturday morning!

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You can even pick up your favorite flowers. Explore your own city as a tourist!

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You'll earn a new set of eyes and see things you might have never seen before even though you live there. This can be a fun activity to go to your local aquarium!

1. play cards

This is something you would normally not do on your weekend off so it makes it a fun activity to do with your partner. Go to the pool with your ificant other! Bring some snacks, drinks, and spend the day swimming and tanning. Try salsa dancing! This will get you outside of your comfort zone and you will do it together.