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Mass effect 3 hook up with traynor

Looking for a Mass Effect romance guide? In ME2, you can choose to remain faithful to your ME1 love interest, or get to know one of your current squadmates a little more intimately.

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Looking for a Mass Effect romance guide? In ME2, you can choose to remain faithful to your ME1 love interest, or get to know one of your current squadmates a little more intimately. Even if you do this, you can reignite your relationship with your ME1 paramour in ME3, and break up with your ME2 squeeze — the last game is where things get a little complicated, as there are so many variables at play. Male Shepard can romance either Ashley or Liara.

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Several new characters the Normandy crew in Mass Effect 3and many of them, including Shepard's new Communications Specialist, Samantha Traynor, are romance options.

How to begin a romance with samantha traynor in mass effect 3

When Shepard first meets Samantha in Mass Effect 3the comms specialist will come visit the Captain's Cabin to offer a virtual tour of the new Normandy. At first, Samantha will be somewhat nervous and flustered.

Shepard can choose to be nice to her to begin hinting at her interest. To romance Samantha, Shepard will need to get to know her and agree to take some time off for a game night in the Captain's Cabin.

Once Shepard locks in the romance during their Game Night, she will not be able to romance anyone else. Samantha is also a prominent character in the Citadel DLC, especially if she is in a relationship with Shepard.

Here's how to begin a romance with Samantha in Mass Effect 3. To begin a romance with Samantha in Mass Effect 3Shepard will need to be kind and friendly to her and make a point to get to know her.

Mass effect legendary edition romance options guide

She will first meet Shepard in the captain's cabin, where she accidentally interrupts a conversation with Liara. Shepard will need to assure her and be friendly with her. Later, near the Galaxy Map, Shepard can talk to Samantha to get to know her background and ensure she has settled in.

During these conversations, she can learn about Samantha's love for chess. At some point during the main story, Shepard will receive a message from Samantha at her Private Terminal suggesting a game night.

To agree to this, Shepard will need to call Samantha up to her cabin using the intercom on the desk. Samantha will admire Shepard's quarters, commenting on the size of the room and the privacy of Shepard's shower. At this point, Shepard should use the Paragon dialogue option to offer to let Samantha use the shower. As she gets in and starts rinsing off, she will make flirtatious comments, indicating her interest in the Commander.

Shepard responds to these comments with flirty remarks of her own and eventually has the option of ing Samantha in the shower. She should do so to express her interest and begin the romance. This serves as the lock-in point for the romance and bars Shepard from pursuing any other relationships. Additionally, if Shepard has already attended a date on the Citadel and locked in a romance with another character, Samantha will not agree to shower and will not be available to romance.

Following the shower, Shepard and Samantha can be seen together in Shepard's bed. For the duration of the main campaign, Shepard can speak to Samantha at the Galaxy Map between missions. The next major romantic beat takes place during the Citadel DLC missions. Samantha will be a key player in getting Shepard and her crew back aboard the Normandy following the clone's takeover.

Shepard will need to convince Samantha of her real identity, which can be done via a Paragon interrupt that allows Shepard to kiss her. Later in CitadelSamantha will ask Shepard to meet her for lunch on the strip but will become distracted by a chess tournament at the arcade.

Mass effect legendary edition romance options guide

Shepard can encourage her and smack-talk her rival to help her win. After winning the tournament, Samantha can visit Shepard's apartment and will convince Shepard to her in the hot tub. Samantha can also be invited to attend Shepard's party, and the two will spend the night and wake up together the morning after.

Ahead of the attack on Cerberus Headquarters, Samantha can Shepard in her cabin and offers to stay the night. Shepard should accept this offer. Samantha will comfort Shepard following a nightmare and encourages her ahead of the fight. At some point, Samantha will also say that she wants a house with a white picket fence, a dog, and two children with Shepard, first as a joke but then more seriously. In this conversation, Samantha will admit that she loves Shepard.

How to begin a romance with samantha traynor in mass effect 3

This will serve as the end point to the romantic arc. Shepard is not able to call Samantha during Priority: Earth to say goodbye. If players choose the Mass Effect 3 Destroy ending, and Shepard has built up enough Galactic Readiness and Total Military Strength to keep Samantha alive along with the rest of the squad, she will be seen at the Memorial Wall aboard the Normandy refusing to put up Shepard's name.

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