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Pinoy male prostitute

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While I now prefer to keep things uncomplicated on that front, I do admit that, as a single woman living on her own in Manila, there are moments when I feel alone. It was in a moment of loneliness mixed with boredom that the idea of hiring an escort randomly came to me. The that came up male were listings for prostitute escorts, but as I clicked away, my search shifted to male escorts.

As I browsed one site and found no one to my liking—most of them were targeting gay men or were not my type—I began to feel foolish at the exercise. I was about to close the browser when one guy whose name was listed as Pinoy Rossetti caught my eye. His bio was very well-written in English, his photos were professionally shot, and he was offering his services to women—but there were no rates published.

Later, I got a message from Raoul; he apologized for missing my call as he had just been on a plane.

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At this point, I was still operating out of pure curiosity, so I just asked him what his rates were. My eyes popped out of their sockets. My curiosity fed, I thanked Raoul, but respectfully declined his service. He asked where I was based, because if I was near his location in Manila, he was willing to give me a special deal. I was a mixture of nerves and excitement, but as I got my place ready for the night, I was more preoccupied thinking of all the questions I had for Raoul.

I knew nothing about the life of an escort, and I was looking forward to learning about it. Finally, it was time. I went down to the lobby, and there I spotted a handsome, well-dressed man sitting on the couch with a small luggage by his side. Raoul looked at me, broke into a big smile, and stood up to give me a hug. He smelled very fresh. Once we were drinking wine on the couch in my living room, I began to ask Raoul questions.

I spent the night with a male escort; here’s what i learned

What was his job like? What kind of women availed of his services? What experiences has he had with his clients? Raoul told me that he was hired mostly by rich businesswomen who would fly him over to wherever they were in Asia. He told me that the women who hire him are all beautiful, in their late 20s to early 50s, and that I was one of the youngest ones. Then there are the single women who, like me, simply have more money than time on their hands. Raoul was warm, interesting, intelligent, sweet, affectionate, and a gentleman, and as we talked on that couch, touching and kissing occasionally, I let myself get carried away.

Things heated up, and we moved to my bedroom. There, I understood why women paid so much to spend time with him.

Raoul knew his way around a woman: He knew how to talk to me while getting intimate, he asked me what kinds of things I like in bed, he paid close attention to my reactions and level of comfort, and he could keep going all night. Throughout the night and the morning after, we continued to talk.

I asked Raoul what he really thinks about his clients and if he fears getting attached to any of them. I understood why women paid so much to spend time with him. He told me how some of his other clients had tried to start drama because they had developed feelings for him—and I was determined to not be one of them.

I had a great time, treated myself to a great guy, and as a girl who loves to learn, found the experience enlightening because it made me see sex differently. Seeing how Raoul was able to preserve himself emotionally despite sharing himself physically with others has made me rethink how I view my own sexual encounters. Stripped of meanings and expectations that may all just be in my head, sex could be just that, and still be pleasurable.

In our time together, Raoul and I got to talking about the industry he moves in. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Cosmo.

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