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San salvador prostitution

A Salvadoran sex worker walks on the street while waiting for clients in cars during the dusk in San Salvador, El Salvador. A Salvadoran sex worker applies makeup before beginning a work shift at a night sex club in San Salvador, El Salvador. A Salvadoran sex worker leaves the room after providing sexual service to a client in a street sex bar in San Salvador, El Salvador.

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Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. Details here. A search yielded this trip report. All good but it is 5 years old.

Has anything changed ificantly since then? Any other suggestions? There's Playa San Diego. I stayed at Rancho Brisas 3 nights last month. I've stayed at Playa Tunco at Layback Hostel. The Mopelia place looked good but was full. I walked around the point to Sunzal to find a dump and was offered a prostitute. The place was totally dead. Another day I checked out Zonte, is more low key than Tunco.

Horizonte surf camp looked pretty cool. I wouldnt stay at essencia nativa, it was too busy and touristy. I swung over to the east to check out Tortuga Verde near playa el Cuco which was a disappointment. Several times I sat at the bar and couldnt get service.

I waited 30 minutes. The bartenders waited on others promptly, diddled around acting busy, pecked on their phones, etc. They even made eye contact with me several times, but kept on ignoring me. It was boring, a square family place full of stiffs and little kids running around screaming. People come there for the weekend from San Miguel I heard. Try for a weekend in Juayua and the food festival, a whole lot of fun and excellent cheap street food.

Can spend days in that town just hanging out. Stayed at Hotel Anahuac, nice place, people and location. Easy to set up trip to 7 Waterfalls. Did not make it to El Impossible.

Stayed at Hotel Casa Blanca, old place but was fine. Think I was the only one staying, It was a few blocks from both prostitution squares, the hotel was in the middle. One was where all the buses and street vendors were and the other was built for tourists and fancy locals. Couple nice restaurants and bars, it still needs time. Santa Ana was a very cool town, larger more of a city but fascinating. Stayed at Casa Verde and yes Carlos was an excellent host and the place was one of the best I stayed at, 2 large self serve kitchens, free killer coffee, BBQ pits and salvador set ups trips.

Loved the downtown San and church. Walk out the door and hang a left, about 4 blocks to the main road ignore the hookers and hang a right. It's safe but a night you might want a partner for the walk. Did not make it to Suchitoto.

I liked El Tunco, a lot of gringos but also full with locals.

Small town. Stayed a weekend and heard one of the worst cover bands Pink Floyd ever! It was at Mopelia and everyone was drunk,good fun!

They also have a micro brew, average beer, IMO. So, yes, I looked at this trip report and it would be a really good El Salvador trip. To do it in a week salvador might need a private tour company to transport you from place to place, or at least hire some all day long taxis. You can easily and quickly get to places like Juayua and elsewhere on the Ruta del Flores by public transport, and also to Suchitito. I haven't been to Suchitito either, and you might want to consider the suggestion above and include El Tunco or one of the other beaches nearby.

I have mixed feelings about El. Keep in mind, I did not achieve a balanced and comprehensive expedition. Instead I gravitated to coastal areas. The thing about that is, they were Pacific San areas which are all the prostitution. I will not make the same mistake again.

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In fact, the bay islands of Honduras are beckoning me at this very moment. I may go back to El, but will concentrate on the interior according to Hermosajoe's advice which has always worked for me might have something to do with experience as his basis for advice.

Furthermore I concur with H-Joe on the people. Good sense of humor as well. That's something the world needs real bad more of. Sounds like a good place to avoid, thanks for the lowdown, think I will overnight in La Union when I do my lancha trip to Potosi. Good idea buddy. Another thing about Turdtuga Verde is how they jack me around with the bay crossing deal. They charge more than twice the price what you pay at La Union and assure that it's a sure thing. But when I was there, the boat was never going.

Some other people were looking into this as well, and told me the boat was going for sure on monday. I went up to the office and they told me that was a maybe. Shall advise guests to avoid Tortuga Verde at all costs and head directly to La Union and the dock to book the lancha and get a room there while waiting to leave.

Thanks for the he up and the Playa San Diego recommend. This topic has been locked by a moderator. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. No worries. I just bought tickets for El Salvador. March 10 - A search yielded this…. See All. Thorn Tree forum.

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